Who we are (and what we’re doing).

President Trump has handed control of the government to an extremist faction of the corporate class, making a  mockery of Candidate Trump’s claim that he would end corruption in Washington, D.C. He has appointed cabinet members and advisors with deep and pervasive ties to corporate America and Wall Street, while rejecting any meaningful disclosure or compliance with ethics laws and regulations.

They are driving forward an anti-regulatory, corporate-friendly set of policies that will be a disaster for America. At the same time, it has become abundantly clear that there will be no meaningful division between the Trump family businesses and the Trump White House, and Trump family conflicts have become a defining narrative of the administration.

Against this backdrop, Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project aims to:

  • Highlight conflicts of interest involving the President Trump and pervading the administration, investigating and identifying problems and amplifying those already discovered.
  • Communicate the dangers of these conflicts, focusing on conflicts, corruption and revolving door abuses related to key staff, cabinet officials and advisors drive policies that hurt America.
  • Expose the use of the presidency for self-enrichment of the Trump family and how the conflicts will harm the American people.
  • Investigate, uncover and publicize the vast array of corporate favors doled out by the Trump administration, focusing especially on policies, subsidies and deregulatory moves otherwise escaping attention.
  • Use all available advocacy tools — including research, social media, litigation, grassroots organizing, lobbying and more — to limit abuses of power related to Trump’s conflicts of interest.

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