President Donald Trump has done virtually nothing to separate himself from his businesses.

Trump has transferred direct ownership stakes in hundreds of businesses to six different entities, mostly Delaware holding companies. 

But the transfers were meaningless. Sitting at the center of it all is a revocable trust created to benefit him that he can assume control of at any time 

Trump’s financial disclosures reveal roughly 500 active business entities around the globe that trace back to him. The disclosures provide a menu from which wealthy individuals or corporations, foreign or domestic, friend or foe, can select their preferred vehicle to ingratiate themselves to, or gain leverage over, the president of the United States.

Our report, President Trump Inc., describes in detail, what can and cannot be learned from the disclosures Trump made.

The raw data, which includes many more data points, is available for viewing and download here

Examine Trump’s sprawling business web with our interactive map.

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Since Trump has refused to release his tax returns, his government financial disclosures are the only public information that approaches a full picture of his business operations. To add value to the disclosure data, Public Citizen investigated the each of the 562 Trump entities and added each entity’s incorporation history.

Incorporation History, Assets, Income, and Liabilities of Trump’s Business Entities